RS - Dental
A Virtual solution to train
dental radiology.
Virtual solution to Dental Radiography
Safety protocols, X-ray manual training,
Image interpretation.
This is a program to train dental radiology.You will learn
safety protocols, how to take intraoral/extraoral images,
how to interpret them, etc.
Now, join the program for basic
principles and techniques. Mainly for potential dentists,
hygienists, dental nurses, etc.
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Safe Experience
Anytime, anywhere
Conventional radiography education requires students and assistants exposure to hazardous radiation. Thus its practice could only be done at permitted spaces, and only for limited time. RS-Dental allows every participant to learn with virtual experience at anytime, anywhere.
Effective Education
Immersive experience
Immersive experience with visual instructions and interactions effectively delivers the thorough knowledge for radiography practice.
Repeated trials and errors
Repeated trials and errors enhance students understanding about the content whereas records of students virtual practice allow instructors to easily find out which student is struggling at which stage of the practice.
Provide customized education
Provide customized education to each student utilizing recommendations and evaluation features RS-Dental provides.
Product & Service
RS - Student Web
Students can check and review how they have practiced in RS through website. RS web interface intuitively tells students how they have performed at previous practices, and what they can do to perform better.
RS - Instructor Web
Teaching personnel including professor, instructor and administrator can efficiently manage students participation and performance through RS instructor website. Simply utilize this website to take deep care of every students, provide customized instructions and boost their performance.
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